Our Services

Implementing Strategy through Balanced Scorecard Methodology

Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is a widely accepted management system to implement strategy that results into performance management in organizations across various industries. Having experienced the wonderful results of BSC approach, we strongly recommend this management system to our clients. We follow Balanced Scorecard approach to set, track and achieve your key business strategies and objectives through tracking four key aspects: Customer, Financials, Internal Process, Knowledge & Learning. We must point out that BSC is a very easy to understand concept but needs experienced skilled people to implement it right. Following a wrong measure can lead the whole organization on an undesirable, and often irreversible, path.

Corporate Strategy/ B2B Marketing Strategy/Business Plan Development

Whether a company is a start up or a multi-billion dollar organization, following a thought through methodical approach, or in other words having a strategy, to achieve a desired vision is a well established wisdom. We work with our clients on:
  • Developing and refining long term vision and mission of an organization
  • Developing road maps and resource maps to convert Management’s aspiration into reality
  • Benchmarking with similar business, competitive analysis and analyzing opportunities for the client
  • Market entry strategy
  • Developing business plans to raise funding and to support strategy roll out

Enhancing Marketing & Sales Team Effectiveness

In a B2B solution selling environment, it is no more about how good one is at building relationship. The game has advanced much beyond that. The marketing and sales teams need to systematically identify opportunities, run targeted campaigns to generate qualified leads, analyze clients' pain points for designing solutions and supporting it over the life of the solution. We help in all such activities including:

  • Target market identification, assessment and sizing
  • Target Market TAM, SAM & SOM
  • Opportunity identification
  • Campaign management
  • Competitive landscaping

Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)

Insightful research that helps corporate take smart decisions is our core competence. Be it new market entry strategy, market assessment, competitive landscaping, vendor analysis, financial analysis like comparative benchmarking, valuation, credit analysis or covering Indian and International markets, we add value to all through a strong team of talented business and financial analysts.

We have also established and managed Center of Excellence for Business Analysis for off shore clients and brought in value going beyond just cost arbitrage. In almost all cases, we have seen our clients absorbing best practices from the continuous improvement we have been able to bring to each process.