Musical Concert on Problem Solving

We are thrilled to announce that Rescon Partners hosted a highly successful Musical Problem-Solving concert as a part of our offsite. The event attracted attendees from ten different cities and eleven different organizations across India, including one client who started the journey at 2 AM to join us. The room was filled with palpable excitement, and attendees were fully engaged in the deep learning experience.

After all, only a few things stimulate the brain like music does. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Vishal Malik for leading us on this musical journey. The workshop was a unique blend of fun and learning, and we are pleased that everyone was able to take away valuable insights.

Strategy Execution and Role of Operational Excellence

No management gurus or experts talk, Navonmesh 2023 was all about peer-to-peer learning! 15 diverse CxOs across industries shared their real-life experiences and insights on mastering strategy execution methodologies and operational excellence. If Navonmesh 2022 was about bringing music to problem-solving, Navonmesh 2023 was all about CxO’s harmony

The cherry on the cake was the fireside chat on “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion” (DEI). While DEI has become an expected strategic outcome, how each organization is dealing with it, is very different. What a day of learning it was for all of us!!!!