Business Research & Financial Analysis

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Business Research & Financial Analysis

Be it exploring new business opportunities, entering a new market, launching a new product, targeting a new client (B2B), knowing customers’ preferences or keeping track of disrupting changes coming up in the international market, Business Research is essential for studying the key areas in detail to create a solid base for problem-solving and for taking informed decisions. Similarly, Financial Research helps in building long-term business plans and taking sound investment decisions, It also provides key measures of a company’s success from the perspective of bankers, investors, and outside analysts.

With a strong team of business and financial analysts, we provide insightful analysis that helps our clients take smart decisions on areas including market entry strategy, market assessment, competitive landscaping, vendor analysis and financial analysis like comparative benchmarking, valuation, credit analysis.

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Key Readings
  • Business Analysis: Best Practices for Success by Steve Blais
  • Business Research Methods by Dr. Sue Greener
  • Strategic Market Research: A Guide to Conducting Research that Drives Businesses by Anne E. Beall
  • Valuation: Measuring and managing the value of companies by McKinsey & Co.
Other Books
  • Damodaran on Valuation: Security Analysis for Investment and Corporate Finance
  • Business and Management Research: Paradigms and Practices 2008th Edition by Erica Hallebone and Jan Priest
  • Investing in Financial Research: A Decision-Making System for Better Results by Cheryl Strauss Einhorn