Business Intelligence

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is about transforming an organization’s data into actionable insights that allow leaders to make informed decisions, both strategic and tactical. Implementing effective BI in an organization need designing a system that starts from tracking an organization’s delivery on its strategic priorities to the insights needed for day to day to tactical decisions. And then the system should be well supported by IT & BI tools.

We, as management consultants, understand the requirements of business and leverage Balanced Scorecard principles to help design BI system that directly meets the need of the leaders of the organization. While we are tool agnostics, we have worked with our clients in building BI systems based on Spider Strategy, PowerBI, and Tableau. The specific areas where we can assist are:

  • Automating Balanced Scorecard using Spider Strategy’s QuickScore. QuickScore is the only solution recommended by the Balanced Scorecard Institute of USA.

  • Corporate and SBU level dashboards for monthly performance reviews.

  • Dealer performance management system with real-time data collection and visualization

  • Product specific dashboards including Sales, Stocks, Training, Merchandise, Mystery Audit, Campaign Effectiveness etc.

A Typical Business Intelligence Engagement

  • Through interviewing leaders and understanding business priorities, develop prototype dashboards ensuring KPIs that are balanced around strategic vs tactical, lead vs lag, financial vs non-financial, objective vs subjective, internal vs external etc.
  • Assess data sufficiency, data completeness, and data readiness for dashboards and recommend necessary actions for data preparation
  • Advise on selection of right business intelligence tool
  • Train the client team on creating dashboards and create dashboards for clients
  • Be a part of monthly leaders’ review meetings, for a couple of months, to assess the efficacy of the dashboards and course correct
  • Handover the system to client team
Business Intelligence

Real-Time BI System for a Premier Cellphone Launch in India

End Client: India Operations of a Fortune 100 Company

This one year+ long engagement that began from store selection for launching cellphones in India, converted into establishing a complete Business Intelligence solution, based on Tableau, to bring out insights about the impact of weekend/festivals on sales, performance of direct sales agents, campaign effectiveness, stock redistribution to meet sales, FoS training effectiveness, mystery audit scores, merchandizing compliance etc.

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